Friday, February 20, 2009

The Golden Wedding Celebrations !!

WOW !!! What A trip! Sorry I haven`t been on to post anything but I have just returned from my trip back from the UK. We decided to surprise my parents on their Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration. It was fantastic, I think I can safely say everyone had a great time especially my parents. (After they got over the shock of us turning up from Canada!!) We arrived a couple of days before the party and hid out at my sisters while we prepared events for the evening celebrations. My parents thought they were just celebrating at lunchtime but we had other ideas !! I have posted afew photographs to tell the story in pictures.

This is Jessica and TJ, at 11.00pm on Friday night making the last of the cheese straws for the evening buffet on Saturday. I know htey are called straws but as you can see in the picture we had different shapes, namely hearts and 50`s. Ooooh they did taste good.

Before we went to the luncheon we managed to get Mum and Dad out of their house early so we could go and decorate it outside and in. Here is the banner we had made to put on the garage so everybody on the street could see what the celebrations were !!

We decorated the lounge !

In the Hallway !

This was one of the cakes we had made for them (the other one was at the luncheon)

This was when my Mum saw us for the first time, giving Jessica a big hug !

This was me with my two sisters either side.

The Happy Couple cutting the cake.

This was the production line to make the sandwiches for the buffet !!

And of course we had to have a full family picture as its very rare these days that we are together like this. What a motly looking crew !!!

Well thats it for now, I am going to get caught up with the household chores and then possibly find a sketch challenge !! Watch this space !

Thank you for looking.


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