Friday, July 17, 2009

Shipscat Ensemble !

Its Friday, that means the weekend is here! Tonight we are going over to the Gulf Islands on the boat for the weekend. The weather looks great and I can`t wait ! I was sure that I had posted pictures of the towels etc that I had embroided for our boat but after some investigation found that I had neglected to do so. Hence this post to show you alittle more of my handy work. As you have already gathered the logo on the towels is the same as the blog. My husband was a ships captain (he has come ashore now) and afew years ago we found a lady on the Isle of Wight - where he grew up - and asked her to draw us a logo we could use on our website and other bits and bobs. We were thrilled with the results and have used it ever since. I had the logo made into a stamp so I could make cards. They come in handy when we need a Thank You card when anybody has done something on or for the boat.
When we bought the boat, and called it "Shipscat" I set about having the logo digitised so I could embroider the towels.

Recently I aquired the matchbox die from Stampin Up and decided to make a small box of chocolates with the logo on for the boat. We are always taking friends on short trips and having lots of fun on the boat I thought it would be a great way to give them alittle something to remember their adventure with.

Well, thats it for today I am heading down to the States for alittle shopping with my daughter and girlfriend before heading out for the weekend on the boat.

I have a couple of cards to share with you next week but for now, have a great day and thanks for looking.


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